Can you avoid feeling pain after exercising?

You finally went to the gym and now you cannot even move a finger. That’s called DMAT. What is it? Why does it happen? Learn how to prevent that from happening to you and do not let it become an excuse.

You are full of courage. You put on the exercise mesh and go to the gym, with the firm resolve to make it a regular thing, at least three times a week. The next day you cannot even get out of bed: all your muscles are pierced by painful pricks (or stiffness). Therefore, no more, it goes, through the window, that firm resolution.

Is it possible to avoid this?

Lying there in bed you might think not. But, since you’re not going to the gym today – not in the next 3 days, which is probably the pain that will last, read on.

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What causes stiffness?

What common sense tells you: you worked a few more muscles than you are accustomed to. Until a few years ago, this pain – technically known as late-onset muscular pain (DMAT) and do not confused with acute or longer-term pain – was thought to be the result of the accumulation of lactic acid in cells muscles.

Today there are different theories. The most accepted seem to be the one that indicates that the sudden increase of the demand on a muscle or a muscular group produces microscopic damage to the fibers, which translates into pain or stiffness.

It is totally possible

So say those who know. What you do not have to do is attend a one-hour spinning class if you have not done any exercise in years.

Everyone is different, and a number of factors play a role, such as age, physical activity history, and weight, but there are so many types of exercise that almost everyone can do it without pain. We work with a lot of people who suddenly start with the exercise. We have just retired both of us and we want to have an active life, we want to exercise.

These guidelines begin by evaluating first, exercising afterward. We have methods, like for example to do a stress test before. We measure heart rates of work, with a good heart rate. And then, it’s about “going little by little”.

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According to specialists, that does not mean, you should not strain yourself and lose your breath. If you want some results, it’s okay to be out of breath. Even if it is little by little, you have to undergo some effort.

What you are looking for is stepped muscle work, programmed, starting, for example, with your own body load (instead of using weights). What you do not have to do is go suddenly to make a complete circuit to the gym with 10 or 20 series.

When you exercise, for maximum results, you must challenge yourself and become uncomfortable, but strong, sharp pain should never be a part of the exercise. If you feel that way, you should stop.

Even the highest impact exercise, such as running or plyometric training, although they have a higher risk of injury and body waste, if done correctly they can be done without pain.

Therefore, the best advice is probably to be guided by a specialist.

Stretching is great for many reasons, and you should continue to cool down with all of the law, which is also believed to prevent DMAT. But if you want to avoid it completely, your best bet is to progress slowly but consistently in your exercise program.

Start with a few days and move on from there. Change your routine every four weeks or so, adding one session a week or changing the routine, adding minutes or raising the intensity. Careful with the movements you make.

Other things you can do to improve the prognosis of a painless post-gym include good nutrition. A good mineral or vitamin intake helps to regenerate much better.

Last, but not least, is hydration. That the water loss is minimal. If one does not hydrate, it hurts more, because there will be a much greater acidosis.

What if it already hurts?

There is no simple way to deal with DMAT. Commonly mentioned are the application of cold and heat through compressed – which allow removing the cellular waste that occurs when there is exercise, the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories and massages. You can take some natural supplements, which will help you to relax. In addition, kratom is well known as a natural pain reliever, you can consume it in two forms such as kratom tea or kratom capsule for instant effect; it will help you relieve from pain and relax your body. You can buy kratom capsules online.

However, you will feel a little nuisance for the first time but the good news is that the nuisance will not last long. Once you get over this pain, doing the same activity will not make you feel so sore (or you will not have any pain), because your muscles will have become stronger and better able to meet that challenge in particular”.

Therefore, at the end of the day, maybe you’d better get up from that bed. The world without pain after exercise is possible.